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Let those Easterners deal with the Cicadas. We’ve got the Crickets to listen to! Saturday 15 June in the Odd Fellows Hall.

Kenny and the Crickets (formerly Cousin Cricket) is Northern California’s premier Western Swing band, offering a fusion of Bluegrass, Country, Jazz and Swing.

Tickets $25 in advance, $30 at the door
available at

Doors open at 6 PM, concert at 7

[email protected]

223 Broad Street Nevada City

Constant Patience: a Story of Love and Truth comes to the Seven Stars Gallery Friday 7 June

Costia, a man from Ukraine and Patience from Taiwan play music and tell a story of Love and Truth. Costia says:

Music is bigger than us, music helps our soul to connect to its divine nature.
It happened that through practice of inner silence, music came to me. At first it was just a melody, a voice without words. Later because of love to a woman I began writing songs, it’s 20 years since, already. And this is one of our themes, Love. How we experience it? How it comes and goes?
The second theme is Truth. How we understand it? How we come to it?
Through those themes all our songs and the story we will perform connect.

In this year my friend Patience from Taiwan joined me and we began performing as a duet “Constant Patience “.

From 1 to 26 May the Seven Stars Gallery presents the second annual Floralia show

We invite you to join with us at the Seven Stars in celebrating the ancient and ever renewing season of Spring with floral images in water color, acrylics and fabric, from the impressionistic to the impressively realistic.

RECEPTION SATURDAY Saturday, May 11, 6:00 – 8:00

In conjunction with the “Floralia” exhibit, Sarah Whooley will offer instruction in creating floral art in various mediums. Simple supplies provided or bring your own.

$40.00 for 2 1/2 hours

Sunday, May 19, 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

From 8 PM to 2 AM on Friday 26 April in the Nevada City Odd Fellows Hall, experience Kiss Me Again, a cultural and analog renaissance.

Inspired by The Loft parties of the 1970s inNew York City, this musical communal experience aims to respond to our longing for
authenticity and a desire to experience a warm and richer, more organic listening experience.
Kiss Me Again is born as a cultural renaissance that pays homage toanalog sound in an age dominated by music streaming and digital
Featuring a heritage Klipschorn Sound System and vinyl selectors
from all over the globe, this unique series of events represents a
creative and aesthetic declaration that reshapes our perception
of music as a complete encounter, merging acoustic
sophistication, the tactile experience of vinyl records, and the
visual allure of a different kind of dance floor.