The Gallery has a name! The Seven Stars Gallery

Coming Soon!

The Seven Stars Gallery.

We are working hard to finish the Odd Seven Stars Gallery and Community Gathering space.   Stay tuned!

Come by and check out the ODD window displays, there you can also read up on what we are making happen for our community!

What is it?  An Odd Fellows offering to our community. A space for local artists to show their talents.  A place where Odd Fellows, friends and community members can come to play and share together.  A community gathering place, where presenters can present, where we can meet and discuss life and our community in respect and friendship to inspire and grow together.  The possibilities are endless and still developing. Come join us and help us create magic. We are excited about opening this space to our community and we invite you to join the Odd Fellows to participate in this beautiful unfolding and awakening of one of the oldest buildings in Nevada City, a true gem in our community. (Broad St Building Built in 1873.) What are the Odd Fellows? Briefly we are local citizens that have joined the ancient International Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) that is a fraternal order known for the three links of Friendship Love and Truth (FLT). The Odd Fellows is an assortment of individuals from more than one profession or walk of life. We unite with others across the boundaries of demographic or social class in order to form a far greater whole. We strive to do good works for humanity and in our local community. Yes, there is old ritual, (the Odd Fellows Order dates back to the 1700’s, perhaps far older), but it is not a secret society; it is a fraternal order with some ritual to guide us. All are welcome to apply to join and become a member. If you are interested in joining us or want more detail of  reach out to us and if If you see someone inside, come in and say “HELLO!”