100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment Film and Window Display

The Suffragist Window Project and Film about renowned Suffragist and citizen of Nevada City, Ellen Clark Sargent. 
The Odd Fellows Oustomah Lodge #16 decided to liven up their windows on Broad St. during the initial shutdown by Covid-19 restrictions. This was a member driven project by the lodge artists that created a lively and unique window display honoring and  celebrating the 100th year of passing the 19th Amendment.

The Odd Fellows has come a long way since then. We are now composed of both women and men, working together to revitalize and modernize this ancient fraternal order. We are a part of living history right here in our lovely town. If you are interested in joining this Odd group of amazing folk contact us! With credit to artists: Sasha St. John, Tynowyn French, Mona Lovere. Support with Beverly Schorr, Momo Marzo,

We also facilitated in the filming of a short movie about Ellen Clark Sargent that was filmed inside of the Odd Fellows Temple within this building. Ellen Clark Sargent was a prominent suffragist who worked and lived in Nevada City. She is credited with uniting the West and East coast suffrage movements into a cohesive group. This then evolved into what is now known as the League of Women Voters. She was married to Aaron Clark Sargent, who is credited with writing the 19th Amendment as a U.S. Senator and who was one of the Nevada City Odd Fellows founding fathers and Noble Grand.

Watch the film below and check out the window pictures!

The Window Artist Center
Mona Lovere, Tynowyn French, Sasha St. John
The Odd Women Reflecting
Reflecting Odds with the Suffragist
The Suffragist Puppets
The Suffragist Puppets
Odd Gal Windows Project
Left to Right
Beverly Schorr, Robin Karlstedt, Mona Lovere, Sash St.John,Lisa Lillie, Tynowyn French, Deborah Swan
The Ellen Sargent Video Project
The Producers and the Museum Committee

Suffragest Window Display

The Actors Ellen Sargent Video
Mary Baird as Ellen Sargent, Rick Ewald as a modern day interviewer
The Odd Gal Artists of the Windows
Seated Front: Artists Mona Lovere, Tynowyn French. Standing Rear: Sasha St. John
The Artist of the Window Project
The Artists