Being Odd

THANK YOU for your interest in our Odd Fellows lodge, and our particular pursuit of Friendship, Love and Truth (FLT) which is the maxim we strive to embody. We are located in the heart of the historic and beautiful downtown Nevada City, California.

The Odd Fellows have existed since the 18th Century, originating in England. It became an independent order in the U.S. in 1843. Our motto is Friendship, Love and Truth (FLT), represented with the three rings.  Through our membership, the Nevada City Odd Fellows is striving to integrate our beautiful historic hall into Nevada City as a touchstone for doing “Good Works” in our community at large. We feel strongly that this historically significant building is one of the premiere gems in Nevada City with exceptional potential to grow and thrive through a burgeoning social fellowship.

We have ancient rituals dating back to the 1700’s, and while we strive to honor our history, we recognize that we must move into the future to remain viable.  Honoring and respecting our roots through ceremony yet moving into the future with eyes wide open, ready to meet the challenges of today, all under the tenets of Friendship, Love and Truth.

We welcome new members and are inclusive to all. It is a process, but if you are interested in knowing more about how to join the Odd Fellows go to the “Becoming a Member”

Attend our “First Tuesday Potluck Social” or any of the many events that we host or that occur in the hall.

If you are interested in renting the hall, contact us.  You can keep up to date with what is going on at our web page under WHAT’S ON? Menu at:  OR contact us via email at [email protected]

We also have a facebook group :
“Nevada City Odd Fellows Oustomah Lodge #16”


•We are right here (Map->)
right downtown on 225 Broad Street in Nevada City California, USA
two doors up from the historic National Exchange Hotel.
Look up above from the  Ubo Seo gallery for the IOOF logo and the gold pillars



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Many of us lived in the area for years before realizing what a tremendous resource and hidden treasure our building and members are, especially as membership picks up & we are revitalized in the 21st century with new goals and energies.

Our original 19th century goals of managing our own cemetery plot, caring for orphans, widows, the sick and aging have lessened but still remain a focus of our ethos as a fraternal organization.
Society has changed and so in turn has our organizations role to provide the services for the deceased. The ideals live on in caring for others less fortunate through our Good Works committee and use of our facilities for private hire, benefits and of course  in not-for-profit community use.

We produce our own events like music concerts, dances  and celebrations and also host events put on by many organizations.

We also look to partner with organizations and individuals at lively fundraising events held in our hall or elsewhere.

We have members-only events like business meetings, committees, movie nights and socials where we dream up plans to be more friendly, loving,  giving and trusting where possible, in our community and beyond.

We encourage you join us at one of our events or our first Tuesday Social Potluck that starts at 5:30 PM. Bring a dish to share and learn about who we are, and take a tour of this unique historical building.

You can remain  a “friend” of the Odds  OR you can
apply to be a pledge to join the lodge. This is done with an Odd Sponsor from our lodge and the application is submitted and read to our lodge members. This would begin the process of getting to know us and us getting to know you, through social, events and committee work. The process is one meant to not only familiarize you with us, but for us to get to know you. It can take a varying amount of time, there is no fixed course, it is a way for both parties to see if you would be a good fit to the lodge and the lodge a good fit for you.

We are otherwise legally and ideologically non-discriminating and all are welcome to apply to join. We are a particularly individualistic and like to think of ourselves as an “Odd” group, with highly varied and colorful skills and abilities. Maybe you are too. “Oddness” is not required, but is generally a bonus.

We are artists, technicians, retirees, family members, young people, nomads socially conscious and curious, and are also largely optimistic, positive and accommodating to the less fortunate wherever possible.

Look around our website, and see what you think. Perhaps you have ideas too! We consider constructive ideas to be essential and desirable.

Here is what to expect in
Nevada City if you are planning a visit- 
..and even if you are not!

In Friendship, Love and Truth (FLT)

The membership of I.O.O.F Oustomah Lodge #16

Nov 2023