Good Works

The Odd Fellows mission is to take care of the orphans and widows. This has been in our charter dating back to the late 1600’s. In todays modern world our lodge strives to do this through donations to organizations providing relief to children or women & children in need. We do this via donations to such organizations like Kare Crisis and others. More info on Kare Crisis here:

We also work with local charities to donate the use of our beautiful hall for fund raising events, such as supporting Ukraine or working with South Yuba River Citizens league.  Our lodge strives to enable our community to benefit having this wonderful, historical gem in the heart of Nevada City.

We are currently housing for a reduced rental amount as a charity, to the Nisenan Uba Seo Gallery run by the Cultural Heritage Indigenous Research Project (C.H.I.R.P.). Interestingly, our lodge name “Oustomah” is a variation of the Nisenan word for the Nevada City region.

If you are doing good works through a local non-profit or community oriented organization that is actively working to provide services to our local community, then contact us to see how we can work together with you to help your organization thrive in our community.

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